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The newest and most easy to assemble concrete skinned insulated building blocks.


EPIC Features:

• Self Insulated, R40+

• Structurally Sound

• Fire Retardant/Proof

• Weather Resistant

• Easy To Install

EPIC Savings:

• Reduced Labor Costs

• Less Material Waste

• Shorter Completion Time

• Thermal Efficiency

• Customer Satisfaction

EPIC Strength:

A basic EPIC Block can support 72k PLF. With bonding strength exceeding 60psi, the durable closed cell insulating foam core can hold each side skin at more than 8k psf. Strength of wall and R-value scalable to design requirement. Blocks interlock tightly and bond with adhesive, no mortar.

EPIC Smarts:

Embedded mesh-networked devices can adjust HVAC temperature, monitor vertical alignment, detect cracks, moisture and more. Installed Tech Sockets could house: alarms, cameras, access points, motion detectors and more.

Manufacture EPIC Blocks at your facility using existing products and greatly increase your profit potential. We are working with foam products companies like BASF that can provide the training and the equipment you need to get started

Invest in EPIC Block:

We are currently seeking partners with resources and assistance that can help us change the way the world builds. Charlie Thornton, founder of Thornton Tomasetti and now TGE Topdown is a supporter of this product. See

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Block with Wall animation 2MB GIF.gif

This product is presently under development with prototypes being tested. Interested in working with us?


Schedule a meeting to discuss the next steps of becoming an investor or manufacturer and supplier of the EPIC Block. 


Contact Charles Leahy, President & CEO, Eco-Panels / EPIC Block

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Insulated Interlocking Intuitive

From The Manufacturers Of:


The most advanced panelized building system on the market today.

Eco-Panels And Now EPIC Block. Soon To Be

In Your Investment Portfolio, In Your Manufacturing Plant, And In Buildings Around the World.

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